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What is QBRI, and what makes it different from other social networks?

QBRI is a social network dedicated to mental health and well-being. What sets QBRI apart is its focus on creating a safe and supportive online community where members can connect, share, and access resources related to mental health.

How do I join QBRI?

At the moment, QBRI is at a pre-launch/testing phase, which means that new users can join by invitation only. If you would like to explore a partnership with us as a service provider, please get in touch with us via our contact page to book a demo of our platform.

Is there any age restriction to use

Yes. is intended for adult users. Anyone older than 18 can register.

Can I use anywhere in the world?

At its current stage, is meant to attend the population of Estonia. In due time it will extend to the Schengen area and then to Europe.

What features does QBRI offer for job seekers?

QBRI offers a Job Board where you can find job listings from employers who value mental health. It’s a great place to explore career opportunities that prioritize work-life balance and well-being.

Can I share my experiences and thoughts on QBRI?

Absolutely! QBRI has an Activity section where you can post updates, share your thoughts, and engage in meaningful conversations with other members.

How can I connect with others who share similar interests on QBRI?

You can simply use our search bar to look for users and add them as friends from their profile page. In addition, QBRI has Groups connected to the Forum where you can join or create support and interest-based groups. It’s a great way to connect with like-minded members and discuss topics you’re passionate about.

What is the Groups section for?

The Classified Ads section is where members can browse ads related to mental health services, products, or events. It’s a helpful resource for finding local support or wellness opportunities. Additionally, members registered as service providers can post their ads for revision and showcase their offers to all community members. 

What is online education offer of QBRI?

QBRI offers an e-learning platform where you can access a variety of courses designed to enhance your mental health and well-being. Learn at your own pace and connect with course instructors and fellow learners.

ow can I promote my mental health and wellness products or services on QBRI?

If you’re a wellness entrepreneur, you can apply to showcase your offerings in our Wellness Marketplace. It’s a platform to reach QBRI members who are actively seeking products and services to support their well-being.

Is QBRI a place for professional mental health advice and therapy?

QBRI enables qualified mental health professionals to offer their services to individual commmunity members looking for personalized advice and therapy. This is done through our teletherapy partners that enable secure and compliant teleconsultation solutions.

How can I report inappropriate content or behavior on QBRI?

QBRI takes safety seriously. If you encounter any inappropriate content or behavior, you can report it using our built-in reporting system, and our moderation team will investigate.

Can I host virtual or in-person events related to mental health on QBRI?

Absolutely! QBRI provides tools for service providers and individual members to create and promote events via our Groups section. Whether it’s a virtual webinar, support group meeting, or in-person wellness event, you can use QBRI to connect with interested participants.

Are there any fees associated with using QBRI's features?

QBRI will provide access under a monthly subscription model. Individual users and service providers have different types of membership that come with separate features. Furthermore, wellness products, advertising features, and courses require a subscription or one-time purchase. To learn more about our business model, be sure to contact us via our contage page.

How can I contact QBRI's support team if I have questions or encounter technical issues?

You can reach our support team by clicking on the “Contact” link in the footer of our website. We’re here to help with any questions or technical difficulties you may encounter while using QBRI.